Video & Performance

“Liz Witham, Ken Wentworth and Film Truth Productions are proud to partner with Pathways Arts Institutes in our latest feature length documentary film project to be released in 2021. Below is a few shots from the film. FOLLOW THE JOURNEY is a documentary film that follows one year in the life of one of the most endangered species on Earth, the North Atlantic right whale. Guided by their mothers, the 2,000-mile journey of 7 newborn calves up the Eastern Seaboard from Florida to the Canadian Maritimes is monitored by a closely-knit network of researchers racing against time to save the species from oblivion.”

7 year old Elda Berlin was not able to visit with her Grandfather for his birthday, so her father Jeremy and she created a musical birthday card using her talents as a singer and artist!.

Richard Skidmore’s Video – Halloween at Ghost Island Farm
with Rusty – Genius Farmer/Inventor