Pathways Artists Discussion/Collaboration

Join us for a casual COMMUNITY & ARTIST CONVERSATION to learn about and share your current and new projects with fellow artists, artivists, community leaders and friends. Contributors are Jesse Keller Jason, Love Ablan, Althea Freeman, Walker T. Roman, Elissa Turnbull and others. Topics of conversation include new mediums, collaborations between the arts and business community, workshops being launched this summer, and your new project! Share your proposal ideas, stories, highlights, concerns about triumphs and challenges you’re experiencing in a casual exchange format. JOIN THE DISCUSSION HERE

See Videos from our March 18th conversations:

This evening we heard from Althea Freeman, Andy Herr & Phil Wallis on a new VH Arts District merger. We heard from Paul Lazes, Darcie Lee Hanaway, Roxanne Kapitan on their current projects.

Rachel Hines:
Rachel Hines:
Althea Freeman-Miller:
Darcie Lee:

February 18th, 2021 Artists Conversation

contributors were Juli Vanderhoop, Darcie Lee Hanaway, Tim Laursen, Jack Yuen, Barney Zeitz, Rob Hauck – and You! Topics of conversation included public art installations, new grass-roots orgs, multi-faceted proposals in the works, art & design with a bent on conservation and education. Hosted by PathwaysARTS in alliance with Vineyard FutureWorks … as we consider a “Preferred Future for the Vineyard”, in the context of Cultural Vibrancy, Equality and Diversity, Conservation, and Sustainable / Regenerative Living. 

See videos below of artists speaking about their collaborative projects at our last meeting

We are interested to know what you’re working on, and believe that providing a space for sharing ideas and networking with other artists, writers, farmers, and friends is vital for building community support, meeting future collaborators, and inspiring others to action. Share your proposal ideas, stories, highlights, concerns about triumphs and challenges you’re experiencing in a casual exchange format. 

This is the beginning of an ongoing conversation, hosted by Pathways with Vineyard FutureWorks as a collaborator, with a free and open Webinar offered on March 4th, when a concept designed by its founders called, “The Discovery Process” will be introduced – a process which articulates a framework for collaboration and staging action towards future goals, as individuals, as organizations, or groups.

 Vineyard FutureWorks will also introduce a multi-island event, the Third Annual Virtual Global Island Summit, to be held in September 2021 over a four day period. Pathways is looking forward to introducing the island’s arts community to the opportunity to learn from, connect with and share with approx. 500 islands across the globe – each having similar challenges and finding creative solutions.

See You There! 

More video clips from the webinar, below