Deadline for submissions March 1st, 2021

How do you process your 2020-21 experience through art?
Janet Holladay, whom we have invited to talk about the art of book making and self publication (Dec 15th) took the idea of a book talk further, coming up with a new project.

A Pathways book.

We are inviting Pathways participants (and perhaps some you might recommend) to submit Art, Poetry, reflections in prose, and other genres, to publish in our own actual-hands-on book.
We want to start a collection of work, started (Feb or March) 2020 and ongoing, to document how we are artistically covid-coping. Everything considered…Does not have to be on the subject of covid at all, though it certainly can be, if artistically rendered. (We don’t want to hand the virus any more credit than it is due.) All genres encouraged. You can also suggest submissions on a title for this project.

Our project comes from a Pathways point of view, and since we cannot meet in our gathering space, we are inviting the community to join us in the form of this book. The book is curated by Janet Halliday, and is intended to be visually engaging and collectible.
We hope to set our project apart from others as we are inviting Pathways artists from our past events as well as newcomers to our virtual season.
We will produce a limited edition of hardbound books and continuing soft-bound books.  

We will start by collecting work as a virtual exhibit on Pathways’ website, adding work as we move into 2021, to see how it evolves and to foment inspiration. Music and Dance which are not easily included in a book will have a special place in the virtual exhibition. Here’s an idea for musicians and dancers…you could team up with a video, a poet and/or artist for a piece to be filmed at Pathways Gathering Space, which will be a rehearsal and recording space only, hopefully in the near future when this spike has flattened. You can contact us now about what you would like to do. 

We all have screen fatigue so it would be fun to produce something physical like a book.