PathwaysARTS hosts Vineyard FutureWorks

Stronger Together

An Open Forum
Zoom Meeting
Vineyard FutureWorks

MARCH 4th, 2021 7pm

This is a continuation of an ongoing conversation, hosted by Pathways with Vineyard FutureWorks as a collaborator, as a zoom meeting. The community is invited to learn about “The Discovery Process” will be introduced – a process designed by it’s founders, which articulates a framework for collaboration and staging action towards future goals, as individuals, as organizations, or groups.

 Vineyard FutureWorks will also introduce a multi-island event, the Third Annual Virtual Global Island Summit, to be held in September 2021 over a four day period. Pathways is looking forward to introducing the island’s arts community to the opportunity to learn from, connect with and share with approx. 500 islands across the globe – each having similar challenges and finding creative solutions.

From The First Event with Vineyard FutureWorks:

Vineyard FutureWorks began in 2018 as a series of “grassroots” meetings of diverse island leaders, across the six towns, concerned that important island issues were not being addressed urgently enough. Initiated and led by Dennis daRosa and Bob Johnston, the organization has since assisted in the formation of the Vineyard Roundtable – a group of Vineyard stewards with a proactive bias for action toward a preferred future for the island and island community; the introduction of Imagine Corps: a youth leadership and skills learning program; has assisted the Dukes County Commissioners on the 2020 Census Complete Count Task Force, working with a diverse group of Vineyarders to develop a new strategy for the complete count in the face of the Covid crisis, and participates in Climate Action Task Force meetings, MVC and Dukes County Commissioner meetings.


Pathways, for the Arts and Oceans, has for the past decade provided a stage for local artists to present expressions in artforms of all mediums inspired by the oceans, sustainable living, imagined gardens and landscapes, cultural diversity and multi-generational collaborations. This alliance with Vineyard FutureWorks aims to serve as a conduit for the arts community to learn about the initiatives toward “One Vineyard – Stronger Together”, align themselves with existing programs and to be inspired to use their art forms as voices for change as we together begin to imagine what our island and community may look like in the future.


Keren Tonnesen – Co-Director PathwaysARTS, Webinar Moderator
Phil Wallis – Economic Sustainability and Vitality, Funding and Finance

The question for every island is how best to create a thriving, sustainable economy without overstimulating consumptive demand that destroys the natural beauty and the essence of what draws people to an island community in the first place. How best can we create the funding capacity and financial incentives to create the blue, creative and healthy green economies that we all aspire to have here on Martha’s Vineyard? Phil will share and explore several ways and models for us to consider as the island moves along the sustainability continuum.

Dan Seidman – Environmental Stewardship: Blue – Green – Creative

Looking At The Past to Solve Current Problems related to energy and agriculture.
Analyzing prior solutions dating to antiquity and re-imagining them for the world today
Daniel J. Seidman has had a life long interest in the environment and energy. He is in the process of creating  the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Sustainability, MVIS, to help find innovative solutions to problems related to  people, island, and economic stability.
His day job is as a Registered Investment Advisor.
   Bob Johnston – Community Stewardship/ FutureWorks
“One Vineyard – Stronger Together” through collaborative innovation.
What does that mean? It means a Vineyard community aligned on a better future.

Tanya Augoustinos – Creative and Cultural Vibrancy

As an advocate for artists using their creative voices to address the myriad of social, gender, diversity and climate change challenges faced globally and locally, the platform realized by PathwaysARTS is uniquely positioned to emphasize the integrity of creative contributions toward positive change over commercial value.

In 2020 Vineyard FutureWorks represented Martha’s Vineyard at the 2nd Annual Island Innovation Summit 2020, involving  over 500 global islands and 10,000 participants.  We invite you to learn more about this experience, and to be inspired to participate, based on the The Four Pillars:
Economic Sustainability – Environmental Stewardship – Cultural Vibrancy – Engaging Community

Find out more about the Island Innovation Summit at this webinar on Thursday, January 21st, 2021 and at our next Webinar Thursday March 4th, 2021