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Invited Poet to read Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

Elaine Sexton teaches text and image and poetry at Sarah Lawrence College and has been guest faculty at New York University and in the graduate writing program at City College (CUNY), and teaches poetry, bookmaking, and art writing at numerous arts and writing centers in the U.S. and abroad including Poets House and Arts Workshop International. She teaches private workshops in her studio and online. Formerly a senior editor at ARTnews, she serves as the visual arts editor for Tupelo Quarterly, and is a member of the National Book Critics Circle. 

In Memory of Arnie Reisman

Arnie Reisman served as the Martha’s Vineyard Poet Laureate from 2014 – 2016. His collection of poems, “Light-Headed in the Dark Ages” was recently released, and is available at Bunches of Grapes, Cronig’s, and Amazon. For the past 24 years he and his wife Paula have been regular panelists on the NPR weekly comedy quiz show, “Says You!” He also wrote columns for the Vineyard Gazette.

Cleaveland House Poets Reading on May 11th:

Ellie Bates, retired from the Edgartown School, is member of the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, Cleaveland House Poets, MV Poets’ Collective, MV Poetry Society, New England Poetry Club and Pathways Institute. Her collage work of images and words has appeared at Featherstone Center for the Arts. Her writing has been published in the Vineyard Gazette, MV Times, and Cleaveland House Poets: 50 Years. Her photographs and poetry are in her three small chapbooks: Everything Changes, Rooted in Change & A Collage of Poetry and in work by Howes House Writers and the MV Poets’ Collective. She is honored again to contribute to the 2021 Cleaveland House Poets Anthology and is grateful for the opportunity to walk in nature on Martha’s Vineyard, which inspires her poetry. She thanks the community of writers on and off island for sharing their talents with her, as we continue our mission of healing and hope through words, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nan Byrne is a poet and writer and the author of two books.  Her work has appeared in a variety of literary magazines including Michigan Quarterly Review, Seattle Review, Fiction Southeast, New Orleans Review, The Mighty Line, and others. A former television writer she holds an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and is currently the owner of a vintage clothing shop called Utopia.

Peter Ledermann is currently owner and Director of Engineering at the Soundsmith Corporation. He has spent much of his life inventing as well as designing and manufacturing all types of high end audio equipment, including the “lost art” of hand making and rebuilding phono cartridges. He also worked for many years at the IBM T. J. Watson research center, a “think tank” located in Westchester County NY. His interests include philosophy, humor, all forms of science including metaphysics, travel, writing short stories and poetry, but most of all gathering with friends. He is a member of the Cleaveland House Poets and has published one book of his poems, illustrated with his own water-color paintings. His poetry has been published numerous times in Cross Currents magazine and appeared in the last Cleaveland House PoetsAnthology: 50 Years. Peter has been “spontaneously” receiving poetry since he was 9 years old, and states that he just “quickly writes what he hears”. Once he receives them in this manner, he generally remembers most of what he has “heard”, for more than 60 years.

Georgia Morris has been writing poetry throughout her life; while work-shopping plays at HB studios in New York, writing documentaries for ABC, PBS, TNT, and AMC, raising her kids in Tisbury, or writing plays or independent films for Galen Films, her production company with her husband Len Morris. Poetry has been her secret garden nourishing every one of these outward lives. And now, having finished her first novel, and been invited to join Cleveland House Poets, her poetry is crawling out from under the bushel, where it has been thrown to accumulate for too long.

Fan Ogilvie published “YOU” selected poems and “KNOT: A LIFE, a memoir in 2008. In 2016 “EASINESSES FOUND”, poems and paintings was published, receiving special recognition from the Washington Independent Review of Poetry and Grace Cavieleri, creator of the Poet and the Poem series. Fan taught English and poetry in Washington, DC, New Haven, CT, New York City, NY, and Martha’s Vineyard, MA. She was selected to be the 2nd Poet Laureate of West Tisbury, MA. She worked three years at the Dukes County House of Correction, where she published two volumes of poetry by the inmates. She is now facilitator of the Cleaveland House Poets, the oldest continuous poetry group in the USA. Fan, also a painter, had a one person show at Featherstone Center for the Arts, and at The Free Library of West Tisbury, and the Chilmark Library. Fan and Arnie Reisman co-edited a collection of Judith Neeld’s poetry in 2019. Judith’s work has been celebrated many times on the Vineyard. In 2020, Fan published The Berth: American Themes in Poems and Images, a conversation between a contemporary poet and a passenger on the Mayflower 400 years ago, answering the question about what has happened to the dreams between then and now in America.

Susan Puciul wrote her first nature poem, when she was nine, in the wilds of Bayonne, New Jersey.  Her experience has been that poetry begins in the body and she has combined her poems with choreography performed at The Yard in Chilmark, at Featherstone, and with the dance collective, What’s Written Within.   A member of the Cleveland House Poets since 2009, her work has appeared in their initial anthology, in the book, Legacy of Light, on NPR and in various poetry journals over the years.  Her day job has been running Tashmoo Realty for thirty-five years, and raising four children in the home she shares with her husband in Chilmark.

Brooks Robards wrote her first poem in third grade, then exploded into life as a poet while working on an M.A. in English at the University of Hartford.  She has been writing poetry regularly ever since, producing five collections in collaboration with visual artists. After earning a PhD in Communication at UMass/Amherst, Brooks taught journalism, film and women’s studies at Westfield (MA) State University for 21 years.  Five of her 15 publications are poetry. Brooks lives in Northampton, MA, and spends the summer months on Martha’s Vineyard. The natural world is frequently the theme she pursues. 

Annette I. Sandrock, resident of Marthas’a Vineyard for over 30 years, published her first book of poetry, Labyrinth (2019) in Portugal and is honored to be registered in the National Library of Portugal. Her book, exclusively containing her poetry and images of pruned treetops of Crete, is carried in several book stores in Portugal as well as on Martha’s Vineyard.  The images from Labyrinth have taken on a life of their own, having been shown at island libraries and virtually by PathwaysArts of Martha’s Vineyard as “an instrument to raise awareness of the personality and special sentience of trees, our companions and providers”. Through manipulation of her photographs, Sandrock uniquely captures trees as embodying spirits and personality traits of humanity and animals.  Unfortunately, scheduled shows at the Grand Arsenal in Chania, the MV Film Center, and MVTV art space were postponed due to Covid in the Spring of 2020. Her writing and poetry have appeared in several island anthologies as well as several Martha’s Vineyard publications.

Warren Woessner is a poet, an avid birder and a patent attorney who splits his time between Minneapolis and the Vineyard. In 1968, he co-founded Abraxas magazine, and WORT-FM, hosting its poetry program. His poetry has appeared in Poetry, Poetry Northwest, Epoch, Iconoclast, 5AM and the Vineyard Gazette, among others. Many collections of his poetry have been published, including Clear All the Rest of the Way (U. of Nebraska Press), Our Hawk (Coffee House Press) and Exit-Sky (Holy Cow! Press). Warren has received Fellowships in poetry from the NEA, the McKnight Foundation and the Wisconsin Arts Board, and won the Minnesota Voices Competition sponsored by New Rivers Press. His poems, “Message From David” and “Cleaning Up” first appeared in the online literary review, On the Seawall.

—-Local Authors That Have Presented at Pathways—-


Join a conversation with Chef-Author, Jamie Sparks, about her new cookbook : Fooding – A Chef’s Journey Through Food, Farms and Community on Martha’s Vineyard.

Joining her is
•Brian Athearn – President of the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society and owner/farmer at Runamok Farm.
• Dan and Greg Martino – Cottage City Oysters
• Heidi Feldman – Martha’s Vineyard Salt
• Tim and Tricia Colon – The Island Bee Company

Jamie found herself working as a private chef on Martha’s Vineyard in the summer of 2019, after having just published her first cookbook. She became enthralled by the vibrant local farming community and the shared ethos amongst its members. The book soon evolved into a journey Jamie set out on to meet farmers and members of the community, with recipes and stories paying homage to them through the words in her book.

Jamie’s first cook book – Tchad: Cooking for Conservation, A Gastronomic Safari was published in 2018.  Beginning in 2015, Jamie’s passion for culinary arts became closely aligned with her philanthropic commitment to Africa’s wildlife. This landed her in Zakouma National Park, where the Tchadian government was working in collaboration with the US-based NGO, African Parks, to protect the habitat and struggling elephant population in the south. Tchad is surrounded by Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic and Sudan, many engaged in, or still recovering from disabling civil wars. 
Jamie spent years understanding the cuisine of the region, and by 2018 had trained a new generation of Tchadian chefs, using local ingredients and honoring their heritage.

From her desert kitchen she created an original, beautifully illustrated 350 page book – with 100% of the profits earned from sales given back to African Parks. She recounts the challenges she faced during the first season at Camp Nomade; cooking on an open fire, limited refrigerator space, extreme heat, and rusty French language skills.

Jamie Sparks graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris 2006 and has since worked across the globe. She has completed internships in well-known Michelin-rated restaurants, worked at famous eateries in Las Vegas, and cooked on some of the world’s most luxurious yachts, and worked in private homes. Jamie was born in the United States but now calls  thinks of Africa as her home. She finds joy in training local chefs in advanced cooking techniques and inspiring and motivating them to raise their standards. Her passion for conservation, and seeing first-hand the positive effects of proper management in far-flung corners of the African continent, motivates her to allocate most all of the profits from the sales of her first book to organizations that make a difference in protecting these special places where wildlife can thrive. Working with a conservation organization has piqued her interest in how we as a society can lead more conservation-minded lives and how to spread the word outside of our own micro-communities. 

Previous published book
Cooking for Conservation – A Gastronomic Safari

This week Pathways’ ongoing Tuesday Writing and Poetry series featured a special evening with internationally published poet and novelist, SUE GUINEY.Guiney who read poetry from WRITING THROUGH: ANTHOLOGY OF POEMS FROM THE MAGIC PENCILS, collected in workshops throughout Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore, followed by Q&A. These workshops were facilitated by Writing Through, an international NGO she founded. A family trip to Cambodia in 2006, led to Guiney writing the first of her collection of novels set in modern-day Cambodia, A Clash of Innocents. After the publication of that novel, Sue was determined to bring the fruit of her inspiration back to the people who inspired her.In 2010, the novelist, poet and educator led a writing workshop at Anjali House, an education and art centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and it was the beginning of Writing Through.
From there it grew into an international charity targeting at-risk populations – children, adults, students and teachers.Writing Through launched its first project in Cambodia in 2015 – specially designed workshops that use the writing of English poems and stories to develop thinking skills, language fluency and self-esteem. The program now extended to include Singapore and Vietnam, and is expanding.
The Charity has trained facilitators and volunteers around the world and is always receptive to being connected to new partners. An Anthology of Poems from the Magic Pencils is available via www.writingthrough.org, and at some bookstores. You can purchase a book or donate here
Sue Guiney is an internationally published poet and novelist, focusing on the intersection of arts training and thinking skills. Skilled in Performing Arts, Manuscript, Fiction writing and Poetry, plus NGO administration and global education. She is a media and communication professional with a MA focused in Classics from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

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Natural Witchcraft- Plant Medicine and Food Based Healing
and read the story of Lissana Wallance’s stunning book

Just released for the Public

After touring the US, this play, written for live performance but
rewritten for Zoom, was premiered at Pathways, August 20th, 2020.


Available at Bunch of Grapes, Edgartown Books, Cronigs,

Jennifer Smith Turner — Child Bride, receives national recognition through the NEW YORK CITY BIG BOOK AWARD®!

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Barbara Peckham’s new book has been published.
Click here to buy it!

Barbara reads chapters from her book most Tuesdays at our regular zoommeeting.
Come visit or check out her readings so far here

We congratulate Amarylis Douglass on the publishing of her book,
‘Fellowship Of The Rain

Winner of the 2020 Blue Light Press Award, this book is the product
of a four-year project; poems “of witness to the epidemic of homelessness,”
“unforgettable portraits of Americans… for whom
the word recovery has not applied,” those who find a place to sleep
each night, outside.
Proceeds from the sales will be shared with “Street Roots”,
in Portland, Oregon

Available on Amazon


Available here on Amazon

Watch this Video From Gyn McAllister who writes of waking up as a cockroach in her own apartment

Video Companion to the Single “Noticed,” from Blue, Blue Box, by Rachel Elion Baird. This is a parody on a Spaghetti Western. In the hands of women, we make love, not war, or maybe, we just dance…
Many thanks to all in this video. It was an amazing and fun process with talented filmmakers, wonderful cast and crew, a real cowboy and his amazing horse.

ON JUNE 16th, 2020