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Pathways hosts a bi-weekly senior discussion group called, GRAY MATTERS, led by a senior, for seniors over the age of 65. The group meets via Zoom at this time.

The gathering provides an opportunity to talk with others about challenges that concern older people as individuals, and as Islanders. 

“We are not alone in the things that we worry about – or the things we laugh, grieve, enjoy and agitate over. As we get more comfortable with each other, we’ll begin to explore the different stereotypes that are assigned to older people. Some Role Playing and Improv can facilitate this exploration. The direction the group takes will depend largely on the personality of the group.”

Genevieve H. Abbot, Facilitator, is an Island Senior, and has a BA in Psychology, and a Masters in Theater. She has acted and directed at The Vineyard Playhouse and has created a variety of adult and children’s programs. Recently, you may have seen her dancing at The Yard/Chilmark and at Sally Cohen’s Studio / Edgartown in the WWW (What’s Written Within) Improv Group, as well as participating in performance events at PathwaysARTS. 

Contact Genevieve Abbot at with any questions.

Please submit any musings, art or other contributions to this page to


“Nantucket Peregrine”

The Art & Bird Photography
of Lanny McDowell.
See his Website

Avian Improv at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum

The Museum hosts Avian Improv, a 45 minute slideshow of birds encountered on Martha’s Vineyard. There are over 200 images, and David Stanwood provides the piano score.
Watch it Here
Also at the Museum site is the story about how David and Lanny got started on this collaborative project.

Bird Photos Here

American Oystercatcher

The Dolphin Seas photo series. This series features Common Dolphins along with Seabirds and Whales.
See them Here


MVTV Studio Interview with Lanny McDowell by Ann Bassett

Produced by Ann Bassett, this video is of McDowell’s mixed media show at the West Tisbury Library, October 2014. The painting shown on video above is Allen Farm Vista, acrylic on board, 32” X 48”, 2007.

CLick here to go to full article.

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