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Complement Paley’s wholly rewarding Just As I Thought and Here and Somewhere Else with Meghan Daum on why we romanticize our imperfect younger selves, Henry Miller on growing old and the measure of a life well lived, and legendary cellist Pablo Casals, at ninety-thee, on the secret of creative vitality.

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Gray Matters Forum

Welcome to the Gray Matters Forum. You can add comments now and I will soon give it capability to upload images. Any issues or if you need me to add content for you just…

Natural Witchcraft: Plant Medicine and Food Based Healing

Webinars with Lisanna Wallance – A Two Part SeriesNatural Witchcraft: Plant Medicine and Food Based Healing We have the power to exercise control over our physical and mental states. In a worldwhere we are bombarded with stress-inducing obstacles, anxiety, unbalanced immuneresponses, and so many unknowns, it can feel like our bodies (and minds) can beoutside … Continue reading

Film: INVIOLABLE 12/6/19 Pathways event

Directed by Angela AndersenProducer: Kay Siering  The award-winning documentary first aired in Germany and France in December 2018, around the 70th Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. It has been nominated for best documentary in Europe and selected by several film festivals in the US and elsewhere. The images are vivid and often … Continue reading

Imagined Gardens

Some bios of the presenters for this evening GARDENS OF THE FUTURE Wendi Goldfarb is a passionate earth steward. She manages Middletown Nursery’s production greenhouses, growing thousands of vegetables with organic methods and annual and perennial flowers each year. She has worked with reducing and recycling crop and food waste and is an vermi-composting enthusiast. … Continue reading

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