Coming January 11th & 12th 2020

PathwaysARTS and CinemaDance present Martha’s Vineyard’s first Dance Film Festival

Pathways along with Curator, Lisa Gross, is presenting the first annual CinemaDance Festival on Martha’s Vineyard. Our mission is to enrich the already vibrant arts and culture here on the island with the hybrid form of dance and film. The CinemaDance Festival will happen over a two-day span Jan 11th and 12th The first night will consist of a program of short films, the second night will feature a full-length film followed by a reception. Possible lecture, workshop, panel and prizes TBA.

CinemaDance is looking to present the best dance films from around the world with a diversity of styles, genres, form and content. Our aim is to grow the festival each year into an established event that is known for its creative programming, exposure for dance filmmakers, and providing an experience where dance filmmakers interact within a meaningful artistic environment. We hope to be a breeding ground for new ideas, new work, and new possibilities within the dance film world.

The curator, Lisa Gross, recently moved to Martha’s Vineyard after living in Los Angeles for 23 years. Now living in a small but vibrant arts community she is going back to her creative and movement roots and passion for dance film. Lisa participated in a fellowship program for Dance Media at The World Arts and Culture Dept. of UCLA and sat on the board of the Dance Film Festival in Los Angeles. She lives on the island with her husband, Adam Gross.

What is CinemaDance or dance film? Choreographers, dancers and Filmmakers work together to create a unique hybrid work. A dance film is specifically made or restaged for film on location(s). It is not an easy form to master. Often choreographers are not familiar with filmmaking, and filmmakers are not familiar with dance, but when you see a good dance film it can be transcendent. Films can be short or feature length and include documentaries about choreographers, a specific piece or genre of dance.

Stay tuned for more details and sneak previews.