April 2014 Perennial Imagine Arts Festival

Pathways IMAGINE ARTS festival is a month~long celebration of imagination, wit and visionary creativity, with Multi~arts Installations, Poetry At Pathways Readings, Music Blasts of Light, and more!

Please Join Us for four Multi~Arts Installations:

Multi-Arts Installation and Performance
ImageGardenMGTAeditHighlighting visionary designs, plans, drawings, digital and visual arts, poetry and music by gardeners, landscape and visual artists, writers and composers in touch with aqua-terrestrial terrain on island.

With Anna Edey, Kristin Hendriksen, Avi Lev, Dean Rosenthal, Indigo Farm, Ljuba Davis, Chrysal Parrot, Garrett James, Barbara Peckham, Ernie Carlomango.
Visual Arts by Anthony Benton Gude, Kathy Poehler, Apryl Anastacio, Anna Edey, Peter Simon, Phil Tucker.  On exhibit through April 12th

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _

FRIDAY, APRIL 4th, 2014
Bauhaus Artist
With live music by rock band, RANDOM THOUGHT,
for the Debut CD Release of their first Album, Music Street


Random Thought: Paul Lazes, Paul Size, Hudson Bausman, Avery Lazes and Rick Padillal

Pathways Living Room Studios invites artists, writers, and community to invent “wearable art” costumes for this evening’s annual Constructed Costume Ball, enhanced by materials and masks offered onsite to apply to your creations at Pathways ArTbaR.

We invite you to construct costumes from paper, fabric, wood, metal, poetic text, photographs, sculpture, layered fabrics, organic materials, colored charcoals,
or even sounds…. or to exhibit your wearable visual arts,
jewelry and digital media in the Living Room Gallery.

With artist Danielle Mulcahy leading mask and costume making and enhancement between 5-7 pm in the Pathways ArTbaR.
The evening Ball culminates with dancing to the tunes of Random Thought under an interior fabric sky, with projections overhead and across musicians and guests. Images projected of imagined gardens, landscapes, light, space, oceans, and earth surfaces, create arts costumes in motion.

Visual and Wearable Arts by Chrysal Parrot, Karen Trottier, Cyn McGrath, Joan LeLacheur, Keren Tonnesen, Phillip Tucker, Gabrielle Whitcombe, Scott Crawford, Apryl Anastacio, Peter Simon, Anna Edey, Anthony Benton Gude.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

TUESDAY, APRIL 15th, 2014
The Fourth Annual OCEANS Wilderness / Off Usual Routes
Extending Space Arts …
Multi-Arts installation and Performance And Open Poetry

Magick Christopher Wright 2014

Magick, Aquinnah Cliffs, by Christopher Wright

Oceans Wilderness: A Conversation Across Arts & Writings, Music and Visual and Digital Arts opens Tuesday, April 15th with performances and an installation originating in places inhabited Off Usual Routes of travel.

Water, sky, wind, earth, clouds, flight, bluffs …

 With SPACE ARTS, Pathways IMAGINE ARTS festival extends Oceans Wilderness focus on island to Aqua~Terrestrial Surfaces, Imaginary Gardens & Landscapes. Arts, celebrating spring blooms and space arts ~ from cosmos to growing to living spaces.

Hosted by Marianne Goldberg

With William Waterway, David Stanwood, Sam Low, Nick Fournier, Dean Rosenthal, Marston Clough, Jon Baer, Melanie Sroka-Chaunce, Christopher Wright, Bob MacLean, Gabrielle Whitcombe, Walker T. Roman, Peter & Ronni Simon, Cody Jephcote, Kathy Poehler and others…

 All poets welcome to read works on Oceans Wilderness, exploring locations off Usual Routes

gabrielle WHitcombe painting 2

Painting: Gabrielle Whitcomb

Visual Arts by Marston Clough, Christopher Wright, Dick Icovello, Gabrielle Whitcombe, Walker T. Roman, Peter & Ronni Simon, Jessica Pisano, Cody Jephcote, Kathy Poehler, Scott Crawford, Phillip Tucker and others.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

THURSDAY, APRIL 24th, 2014
OCEANS Wilderness, Off Usual Routes / Space Arts II
Celebrating Earth Surfaces and Oceans Wilderness, extending into Space Arts.

Hubble Telescope

Image from the Hubble Telescope

Oceans Wilderness: A Conversation Across Arts & Writings, Music and Visual and Digital Arts continues with a culmination evening of performances and an installation originating in places inhabited Off Usual Routes of travel.

Water, sky, wind, earth, clouds, flights, bluffs…

This Second installment further explores the relationship between ocean arts
and writings at Pathways
and Stewardship of Oceans areas.

We invite your participation in creating an Oceans Sanctuary for Martha’s Vineyard,
Cape and the Islands, supported by artists, writers,
and the broad community on island and further.

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