WE Dance! Friday Nov. 29th, 2019

Our First Monthly WE DANCE !

WE DANCE! is a night starting with dance performance
and/or film, followed by DJ dancing for ALL.
We are so glad to have DJ DC ROSE back this season.
His funk, soul, R&B and hiphop spins last year
kept us up dancing to exhaustion!
Find DC ROSE here

Program starts with
‘THE RUNAWAY’ (working title)
by LanDforms with Danielle Mulcahy

The Runaway project represents the combined creative forces of three of the island’s most prolific young female artists, working together to create a dance film. A residency at Pathways enables them to develop a film that combines movement, sound and environment to examine the anxiety induced by inevitable climate disaster. They center this work on Martha’s Vineyard, an island currently being affected by sea-level rise and extreme weather associated with rising global temperatures. Doell and Crosby use roller skates and a skate board as humorous attempts to escape a post-climate crisis-island. The two soon discover that there’s no way out. Using film techniques, Mulcahy assists with designing images of Doell and Crosby who are inevitably stuck for an unnameable period of time.

Doell and Crosby are former resident dance performers at The Yard, Chilmark, now based in Seattle, Washington, where they have founded LanDforms, their creative partnership. Since 2016, their work has been performed across the country. They describe LanDforms as “often funny, sometimes tragic, always unusual performances that explore the absurdities of human relationships, nostalgia, and the intersection of power, control and love.”

Island based Danielle Mulcahy is an illustrator, filmmaker and multimedia artist with a BFA in Illustration, Film and Video. She has illustrated children’s books, magazine editorials, directed, shot and edited creative films. Lately she concentrates on collaborations with musicians and artists, creating videos and documentaries while working on her independent short film series called “The Seed Series”.

Performance begins 7pm – 8pm
DJ Dancing with DC Rose 8pm til…