Sea-Faring Stories, Shanties & Ocean-Loving Poetry

Invited Guests:

Nat Benjamin – reads from his new book in process, The Wide Sea.

Steve Ewing – reads from his new self published book, Waterfront Poems, Vineyard Seasons. His poetry is richly illustrated local artists’ work and with vintage images, many from Old Sculpin Gallery. His book will be available for purchase.

Mark Alan Lovewell – is welcomed back to Pathways. He’s a wonderful storyteller, whether in prose or song. A writer and folk singer, Mark is a man of many talents. He enjoys sharing his passions for folk singing, journalism, sailing, and stargazing. This spring Mark will be releasing a CD of maritime songs and stories with Molly Conole, an Island singer and beloved performer. They will be performing a song from that CD, a song that was written a year ago called The Herring Song. The song is a celebration of the one productive Vineyard fisheries. River herring are not doing well. The song draws attention to this big part of the Island lore. The herring fishery is in trouble up and down the coast from Newfoundland down to the North Florida coast.

Sam Low –  tells the story of how Hawaiians built a replica of an ancient Polynesian sailing vessel and voyaged in the wake of their ancestors, to revive their culture.

Anthony Lefeber – talks about a paid (it wasn’t much!) boat delivery he did with then girlfriend Alison Murray. In 1978 (they were 18) the two sailed a thirty foot wooden sloop from Malta to Holland, then down through the Dutch canals to Ostend, Belgium – over two thousand miles in two months that summer.

Robert MacLean – reads his work reflecting his deep attachment to the ocean.