Peter H. Luce Play Readers

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 19TH     as part of our Tuesday Writing & Poetry Series

“The Glass Mandacity” is a spoof on 3 of Tennessee Williams best known plays: “The Glass Menagerie”, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and “Streetcar Named Desire”, written by Maureen Morley & Tom Willmorth. The authors took characters from each of these plays and put them into a new play.
For nearly 15 years, the Peter H. Luce Play Readers have met every Wednesday of the year at the Vineyard Haven Senior Center from 9AM to Noon to read plays of every era and of every genre, from the Greek and Roman classics to the cutting-edge works of contemporary playwrights… and everything in between: Shakespeare, Shaw, Checkov, Moliere, Miller, Ibsen Albee, O’Neil, Pinter and Neil Simon. The group is named for its founder, Peter Luce, who died in 2007.

Directed by Paul Doherty

The Cast:

“Mitch”        Michael Selliti Jr.
“Maggie”     Linda Comstock
“Amanda”    Nancy Shaw Cramer
“Brick”   (played by a mannequin (don’t ask)!!!)
“Blanche”     Felicity Russell
“Big Daddy” Gaston Vadasz
“Stanley”    Joe Corbo.
“Laura”         Sophia Anthony