Nygel Jones – Artist

Nygel Jones is a Boston-based artist who’s is the nephew of long time Island resident Marla Blakey a well known theater producer and dance choreographer. Jones earned a BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts in 2015 at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts. After a brief hiatus he began painting again in earnest in early 2017, practicing with the focus he had in college.  I started making art again and currently I’m well deep into my practice again like I was before while in school. He is a picture framer and woodworker as well as an artist.  The frames he builds represent how many ways traditional picture framing can be manipulated.

Debut & Departing Triptych Series 1-6

Through January 7, 2018

The presentation of emerging artists is a paramount goal of our museum. We foster fresh growth in the living tradition of visual art throughout the global black world, In that spirit, we are pleased to present this exhibition of new work by Nygel Jones.

Artist Statement

“One of my top interests is science fiction as experienced through film, books and fine art. The best thing about it is that the rules are always yours to make. In my recent work, landscapes, architecture and design are the main focal points in my taking of making my own rules. Visually, my work embraces ideas and aesthetics interests similar to those of early 20th century Futurism, and of Industrial design. Like those productions, my focus is on scale, proportions and perspective.


“In Boston where I live, taking public transportation has been my primary means of commuting whether by bus, or train. I took public transportation to go to school, I take it to go to work, or simply to get away from the city for a moment.  In particular, when I take the commuter rail line, it’s always fascinating to me to basically witness how close places actually are one to another. Just looking out the window I see a consistent shift of settings between stops. It gives me an overwhelming thought—a recognition of the fact that places do tend to seem so far but so close at the same time. My way of expressing that thought visually was to use a surrealistic approach to look at those so-called bypass places.  As an artist, the inspiration for creating my fictional geography is right in front of me wherever I go throughout the City’s complex and diverse infrastructure.”

Born in Roxbury, Jones studied at the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts, where he earned a BFA in Interdisciplinary Arts. He worked in many different media while pursuing a consistent theme, and he mastered two-dimensional art as well sculpture. Jones was especially interested in creating work that involved the uses of many different types of implements, including a wide variety of hand and power tools. His crafting of materials and structures is meticulous and exacting, both qualities rare in contemporary arts training. In this present art, he demonstrates both is skills as a painter using oil and brushes as well as his rigor in construction sculptural objects. Both are on displace in Debut and Departing, which is an early career exhibition for Jones.

This presentation was partially supported by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture/Boston Arts Lottery.

He is currently a framer at A Street Frames; one of the largest and most respected art framers in the country.