An Evening of Music April 15th, 2022

Douglas Brush:
Harmonic Study & Beginning to Look Alive

As this is my first concert on solo guitar, I (b. 1981) am also going to take the opportunity to play a couple pieces of music that I have written: a very short study played solely with open harmonics and the introduction to a song I wrote for a wonderful songwriter (Bjorn Quenomoen – look him up) in college.

Douglas Brush
Guitar Instruction and Performance
Youtube: Douglas Brush Guitar

Lake of Autumn is a small ensemble dedicated to composing, recording, and performing original music.  Fusing modern tools with timeless forms, we are driven by a fundamental desire to create ecstatic sonic experiences. Multi-instrumentalists Anthony Esposito, Al Horowitz and Noa Maxner will perform selections from their album Conundrum Cycle, arranged for strings and percussion.

They will play a pared down arrangement of the Conundrum Cycle. This music is a lament, composed and performed as an explicit protest against capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism. The logic of capital and its mechanisms are burning through the biosphere, devouring the beings of this earth. No one of us can stop it, yet it must be stopped. This bleak contradiction informed the creation of this music.