2.21.23 Sea Adventures – Readings from Memoirs

This evening focused on Memoirs as part of our season theme, Motive for Memoir. These are stories from sailors and experiences in and around our oceans.

Nat Benjamin
I’ll read an excerpt from my book, The Wide Sea, a story about my year aboard an old gaff rigged schooner that I skippered from Malta to Gibraltar to the Canary
Islands and across the Atlantic to Newport, R.I. in 1968 – ’69. I was
21. To say the least, it was a learning experience.

Anthony Lefeber, with his father Richard and brother Andre, lived on the sixty-five foot Alden ketch “Farfelu” from early 1973 through 1975. Sailing from NYC to Belize, then living on the boat in Belize for two years. Anthony writes about the three years living aboard and about his childhood in NYC.

Cole Powers – A story about a community spontaneously coming together to make a huge effort possible. On October 28 2022 the new owners of Bob Douglas’s 1920 sailboat “Raider” was moved out of his 5 corners building. It had been in there for 45 years.The volunteers helped move the boat out of the  building and down to the beach where it was loaded onto a vintage WW2 landing craft and shipped off to RI to be made seaworthy.

Sam Low will talk about discovering and exploring the wreck of the Port Hunter, a freighter that sank during World War I off Hedge Fence shoal between Oak Bluffs and Woods Hole.

 Harry Ricciardi A sailor and boat-builder will talk about his adventures sailing solo, offshore.