WE DANCE! Friday Jan. 11th, 2019

We welcome back DJ Dern Campbell who played at Pathways to rave reviews a year ago.
But First!…

David White spoke on Amirah Sakett’s Saturday, Jan. 12th performance at the PAC, and what else is upcoming for The Yard. Amirah Sackett will be performing 2 solo pieces and one that features 8 Vineyard dancers doing a routine they just learned.
An internationally recognized hip-hop dancer, choreographer, and teacher, she explores and embodies her Muslim American identity through combining hip-hop movement and Islamic themes. She is widely known for her creation of the choreography and performance group known as, “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic”, which reached viral video fame. She will perform two solos inspired by the 13th-century Sufi mystic Rumi: Love Embraces All, and her newest piece, Qadar.

Tessa Permar – one of our favorite dancers treated us to a new evolution in her “Couch Choreography” series.  Inspiring works created while suffering from Lyme disease

Wayne Elliott – a longtime dancer/devotee at the storied NYC free-dance phenom THE LOFT (celebrating 50 years in 2020), spoke about his experiences, its history and his involvement in its continuation in spots around the globe.

What’s Written Within- The Men’s Improv Group performed.
Bruce MacNelly improvised his special accompaniment on guitar. They spoke briefly at the end about the thoughts and inspirations happening while improvising this piece.

Lisa Gross curated clips from the dance film genre. Only one piece was not created as a film or part of a film and that was the first one though is was a strong piece in the secondary International theme of these selections; films showing dance of various cultures.