ERICA CERINO short films

International science writer and artist Erica Cerino has sailed across the most polluted part of the eastern Pacific Ocean and to remote reaches of the South Pacific Ocean; observed the work of plastic pollution science pioneers in California; documented the most polluted beach in Hawaii; met with world-class scientists in Denmark and Western New York; and visited some of the most degraded ecosystems in Asia, the South Pacific, and the Caribbean, as well as the people working to clean them. Her purpose: Find out the truths about plastic pollution and what it’s doing to the planet, wildlife and people.

Erica has been sharing her testimony over the past year in a presentation titled “Exploring the Pacific Ocean and Beyond in Pursuit of Plastic,” a part of her “Go and See Tour” project which is funded in part by a Safina Center “Kalpana Chawla Launchpad” Fellowship. She’s here tonight after her lecture to share a short film about her most recent expedition sailing nonstop for 23 days from Hawaii to French Polynesia to learn more about plastic pollution in the waters around the equator. After the film she’ll answer your questions about plastic pollution, science and solutions, as well as what it’s like to travel the world in search of one of the most controversial materials on the planet.

Learn more on Erica’s website: http://www.ericacirino.com/plastic/