Skaters Have Better Figures

A complimentary two hour workshop, “Skaters Have Better Figures”, presented by veteran skater, Corinne de Langavant, with improv music by David Stanwood and Andy Herr.

<> Geared towards adult audiences.
<> No previous experience necessary.
<> Pre-registration encouraged but not required. For more information please contact Corinne de Langavant at 508 423-9566

• Learn about • Balance, • Isometrics and • Gravity.
• Instruction and insight into how these factors contribute towards optimal health, while satisfying your need for movement and love of creative expression, dance and music.
• No previous experience necessary. (Ballet training a big plus!)

Corinne’s methods, developed and tested at the University of Montreal and McGill over a period of thirteen years, are easy to learn and are effective when incorporated into your movement routine, or help to get you started!

<> MUSIC by David Stanwood and Andy Herr

The workshop will include series of fun, easy exercises which include :
• Falling safely, using sensory integration techniques;
• Five positions that will give participants basic skills to be comfortable on skates, on pavement or on ice (as we are heading into spring and the rink will be closed for up to two months).
> Setting goals:
* To practice skating as an art and means of expression;
• To foster good technique and develop healthy practice habits, enhance health and well being for all ages at low cost to participants;
• To have fun throughout the year – even during winter.

The second part of the workshop will introduce more advanced techniques, for those who may already be experienced and wish to increase their skill base such as:
• Crossovers (on both sides), and to improve the technique thereof; edges; backwards skating; swift, sudden changes of direction; increased speed and controlled turns; as well as learn how to do spins and jumps (if interested).