Readings of New Work by FAN OGILVIE and JUSTEN AHREN

Poetry at Pathways 
Readings of New Work by FAN OGILVIE and JUSTEN AHREN,
Followed by an open Poetry Jam.
 With all poets, writers and community invited to read,
or to listen and enjoy the readings.

TUESDAY, APRIL 8th, 2014 ~ 6:30 to 9 PM / Readings Start 7 PM 

ArTbaR & Writing Room to Open 6PM for Sign Up,
Writing, Drawing, Camaraderie & Conversation
Free Admission / Refreshments

 Please join us for an evening celebrating newly composed poems by two writers who have received Pathways Honoraria Awards for creative time to create
book manuscripts ~ Fan Ogilvie and Justen Ahren. 

Fan Ogilvie calls her new work, “uneasiness found.” In this new collection she allows words, images and their meanings to heave up and thrust against one another in couplets of intentional and unintentional writing. This process invites greater fluidity of thought, multiplicity of image, off beat rhymes and rhythms, humor and focus outside of traditional poetic boundaries. Fan continues to be inspired by Whitman, Dickinson, Beckett, Falkner, Stevens, Bishop, Ashbery, choreographers Balanchine, Tharp, Mark Morris, Cunningham, and Crumb.
justen-ahrenFollowing the publication of his first book, Justen Ahren began hearing and feeling, what he describes as Om-like, celestial sounding music – pouring forth ecstatically, transforming his daily writing practice and feelings of grief to those of gratitude, beauty and a deep sense of spiritual Presence. This current work embodies the internal dialogue that has brought him to a new starting point, a familiarity and a recognition of that which he knew was always there.