Performers @ the Water Works 9.26.20

Barbara Dacey
Barbara first came to the Vineyard in 1970, split her time between the island and Cambridge MA through the mid 80’s, and moved to the Vineyard full-time in 1985. She worked as a singer-songwriter during this time, recording and playing in clubs and coffeehouses. In addition, she worked as a modern dance accompanist and wrote and performed music for top Boston choreographers.
In 1985, Barbara began a career in radio when she started working at WMVY.   She was the mid-day air talent and program director, and shaped and guided the station for 32 years. She retired in 2018.
Since leaving WMVY, she has been dedicating her time to blues and folk singing and music making, and meditation practice.

NATE D’ANGELO … singer, songwriter hails from Martha’s Vineyard and began writing songs and playing out at venues from the age of 13. He has opened for acts like GroupLove, Ellis Paul, and Shun Ng, and has played the MV Sound and Club Passim’s campfire festivals, and was praised by renowned songwriter Jason Blume for his profound lyrics and unique style.
He has recently graduated from high school and plans to travel across the US playing in as many venues as possible. His new album is called, “Lullabies For Restless Types.”


Phil Da Rosa won’t be able to be with us. We look forward to having him at another date.

FAN OGILVIE – Her New poems were inspired by the Mayflower’s crossing, 400 years ago.

In the year 1620, a woman boarded the Mayflower with dreams of a life of promise in the colonies. One of only 19 women, the traveler took her seat aboard the historic vessel, securing the very last berth on the entire ship. As the journey commenced, she wondered what the New World would bring.

This is the story that Fan Ogilvie, former poet laureate of West Tisbury, imagines in her upcoming book of poetry on the Mayflower, The Berth.

“It was a place for dreams, and work. It wouldn’t be easy, but in time we’d be told,” writes Ms. Ogilvie in the book’s title poem, The Last Berth on the Mayflower.


KATALIN SONI – Singer songwriter, dancer seeker

KATALIN SONI by Katalin Soni


Longtime Vineyard and NYC Vocalist with an A-list resume

Photo by David Spagnolo at Jeff Golub’s tribute show 1/21/15

Mark Granfield has been coming to to Island since the 1950’s. He has been a successful session singer and voice-over artist in NYC since the late 1980’s. He has written and performed with Danny Kortchmar, Jeff Golub, Johnny Campbell and many others….

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John OToole, a problem child, all grown up, has been faking his way through gigs for the past 40 years. His approach to playing guitar is pugilistic and neanderthal. He sings like a thrush (of the throat). He also writes songs that are not terrible, even if “trite and didactic.”
To his credit he has self-produced an album named “John OToole’s Greatest Hits That No One Has Ever Heard,” of which he has the sole copy.

Listener review: Don’t bellieve the hype. They guy has hooks