2017 – 2018



2017-2018 Season

Mixed media collages on a variety of mediums: canvas, wood panel,
and raw painted wood.
CLICK to see the article on this show in the Times here.

November 7th until…
Richard Limber’s Video Installation “Day And Night (On The Vineyard)
This short multimedia video is entertainment with a political bite.
You can see it here….

Street Photography taken over a number of years, in various locations.
Black and White street photography from the 1960’s and 70’s,
of his travels around the world and in the US.
The original images were captured on Kodak TRI-X 35mm film.
Now transferred to digital, printed with ink jet on
Epson Ultra Premium Luster Archival Photo paper, in handmade wooden frames


2016-2017 SeasonValenbirdGiftsWEB


Vineyard Authors on our Bookshelf
Jib Ellis
Lynn Christophers – CatsSam Low – Hawaiki Rising
Shirley Mayhew – Looking Back
Fan Ogilvie – YOU
Cynthia Riggs – Her Martha’s Vineyard Mystery Series
Brooks Robard – Sea Bound
Peter Simon – I and Eye
Susanna j Sturgis – The Mud of the Place
Victoria Trumbull – Martha’s Vineyard


Featured Island Artists
and their Handmade Crafts and Artwork

Jeri Dantzig – Art Glass
Fae Kontje-Gibbs  – Prints, Magnets & her Children’s Book “The Little Beasties”

Danielle Mulcahy – Original Animal Saint Art Prints and Cards
Kevin McGrath – MV Zoo – Humorous Art Prints
Peter Simon – Books DVD’s and Calendars

Eleanor Stanwood – Dyed Wool Bangles
Ronni Simon –  SIlver, Gold and Semi-Precious Stone Bangles
Joan Lelacheur – Wampum Earrings

Cynthia McGrath – SeaGlass Creations and Relics from MV’s past
Jannette Vanderhoop  –  MV Beach Sand &
Shells captured in Glass Ornaments
Vital Signs  –  Block Printed Childrens T’s and Sweatshirts


Hematite Earrings and Pendants by Gwyn McAllister and TImi Brown

Hematite Earrings and Pendants by Gwyn McAllister and TImi Brown

Mv Mystery Series by Cynthia Riggs Old Dump Finds and Beach Relics of MV by Cyn McGrath

Signed Martha’s Vineyard Mystery Series by Cynthia Riggs
Old Dump Finds and Beach Relics of MV by Cyn McGrath

Wampum Earrings by Joan Lelacheur

Wampum Earrings by Joan Lelacheur

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Cyn Mcgrath’s Pop Art Minis

nancloseThe Art of Instagram
NAN BYRNE shows her 4 x 4 photos taken off her phone and into the world in this fun format. Instagram has gathered over 300 million users in just over six years. At $5 each with an easel or $10 for 3 photos.
nangroup<<>><<>>Cynthia McGrath<<>><<>>
Cyn is always up to something new.
Pop Art Minis
They glitter and shine and are priced from $75 to $195
Click here to see Close-Ups on her page!

Pop Art Minis by Cyn McGrath

Pop Art Minis by Cyn McGrath

BLOW POP, Cyn Mcgrath Mixed Media, Acrylic paints, glitter, $195

BLOW POP, Cyn Mcgrath
Mixed Media, Acrylic paints, glitter, $195

2015 – 2016 SEASON

Spray-paint art by Alisson Carr - $20

Spray-paint art by Allison Carr – $20

store pic 12/17


Handmade Wrap Bracelets by Kelly Mica.
Each wrap is unique and one of a kind!
The materials I use are fire polished glass beads, dyed leather cord and an assortment of metal and wampum buttons.
I was born on Martha’s Vineyard but love to travel! Cross country road trips with my family every year was a great part of growing up. I’ve always loved art and making jewelry..I love these wrap bracelets and am always wearing them. I have a different one on every day! They remind me of a gypsy style. Right now I am living here with my husband, two kids and three dogs and loving our little island!


Cynthia McGrath  is a serious scavenger who uses maps to discover old landfills and then researches her finds as much as possible. Her stunning display of jewelry crafted from unaltered sea glass also includes descriptions of the type and vintage of the finds. Her large and varied line, Original Cyn, runs from pieces featuring Legos & dominoes to painted and jeweled deer and snake vertebrae as well as semi precious stones, Swarovski crystals and pearls.
“I use as much found and recycled materials as possible,” she said. She also has a fondness for “anything kooky, fun and affordable,”
IMG_6574cyn sparkleCrop
Close-up of Cyn’s tiny bottles of sea glass necklaces, and wampum & sea glass charm pendants.


Jane Paquet makes gorgeous and durable bracelets that take many hours to create. They are hand crafted with Miyuki glass beads from Japan. Each one is unique. They only get more comfortable with time. Jane has hers on continuously for 3 years and they seem to show no wear. In double wrap and triple wrap styles, they can be used as necklaces as well.IMG_6572


store pic CLoths Jan Paul’s reversible cloths that serve nicely as beach picnic or baby
blankets & table toppers. 42 x 34″  $40


Leah Crosby makes these cool earrings from upcycled bicycle innertubes.
They are light. They are one of a kind.
They are $18. leah earrings<<>>
kowalskiKOWALity Quilts by Mary Kowalski
These lusciously soft quilts are perfect for baby to use for many years. As an infant it makes a great place for tummy time and as they grow older they can cuddle while reading bedtime stories. Have to be touched to be believed.

LET THERE BEE LIGHT by Theresa Berryman
Hand poured natural beeswax candles:  tapers in many colors, little bear hugging a hive, angels, columns, more and more…this high quality batch of beeswax features the bee parts you find in unfiltered honey. The smell of beeswax is addictively warm and relaxing.
but wait . . .there’s more . . .did you know that paraffin (most) candles are toxic to you in the burning and to the environment in the processing? Natural Beeswax can clear the air of undesirable particulate. 100% pure beeswax candles might seem expensive compared to the paraffin tea lights at $5 for 100 at Ikea. But when you find out the pro and cons you will be sold on candles made by bees. For more on the benefits that come with natural beeswax  click here…

You can still get some Vital Signs gear for babies, kids
or yourself here at Pathways.
Here is Tino Garnier rockin’ his VS outfit from ’09.
That is pretty durable!
VitalSigns TinoCrop