OCEANS Wilderness / Off Usual Routes

TUESDAY, APRIL 15th, 2014
The Fourth Annual OCEANS Wilderness / Off Usual Routes

Pathways April 2014 IMAGINE ARTS festival continues with the Opening of OCEANS WILDERNESS: Off Usual Routes … Water, sky, wind, earth, clouds, flight, bluffs … With Earth’s Aqua-Terrestrial surfaces extending into SPACE ARTS

Marianne Goldberg hosts a conversation across arts and writings.
All poets, writers, and singer~songwriters invited to share works on Oceans Wilderness terrain off usual routes.

slow clearing

Slow Clearing by Marston Clough

Featuring an excerpt performed from,
To Inhabit Together/Unfurling, conceived and directed by Marianne Goldberg: UNFURLING, a dance exploration, inhabiting locations at cliff’s edge with changing circumstances of wind, bluff, wave, flight, sand, and extraordinary light. Danced by Jesse Keller, with William Waterway on flute. Photographic backdrop of OceA Landscape Choreographies, SUNRISER and aerial projections into interior fabric skies of ocean, space and blossoming imagery~~designed by Goldberg and realized digitally by Richard Skidmore. Composer Dean Rosenthal invited to compose and conduct an ensemble of improvisational ocean buoy bells.

Water, sky, wind, earth, clouds, flight, bluffs …

Magick Christopher Wright 2014

Magick, Aquinnah Cliffs by Christopher Wright

Oceans Poetry, Writings and Music invited from Lee H. McCormack, Bob MacLean.
Sam Low~~with text and video excerpts from his recent book and DVD HAWAIKI RISING; Original song by Melanie Sroka-Chaunce and others..

All poets welcome to read works on Oceans Wilderness,
exploring locations off Usual Routes

Installation of Visual and Digital Arts Opening Across the Pathways Living Room Gallery, featuring space and oceans works by Marston Clough, Christopher Wright, Peter Simon, Ronni Simon, Dick Iacovello, Gabrielle Whitcombe, Scott Crawford, Walker T. Roman, Cody Jephcote, Kathy Poehler, Phillip Tucker, Mitch Gordon, Shannon Rynd-Ray, Elizabeth Norcross, Marianne Goldberg, and others, On Exhibit through April 27th.