OCEANS Wilderness II, Off Usual Routes

THURSDAY, APRIL 24th, 2014
Celebrating Earth Surfaces and Oceans Wilderness, extending into Space Arts.

Oceans Wilderness: A Conversation Across Arts & Writings, Music and Visual and Digital Arts continues with a culmination evening of performances and an installation originating in places inhabited Off Usual Routes of travel.

Water, sky, wind, earth, clouds, flights, bluffs…

This Second installment further explores the relationship between ocean arts and writings at Pathways and Stewardship of Oceans areas.

A Culminating Performance of To Inhabit Together / Unfurling … A Collaborative Arts Ensemble Event Conceived and Directed by Marianne Goldberg, with guest artists collaborating on her vision for an imagined oceans environment across the Pathways space.

With dancer Jesse Keller performing Goldberg’s Choreography UNFURLING, composer Dean Rosenthal conducting an ensemble of ocean buoy bells, sculptor/engineer Nick Fornier inventing motion sensors for humans and bells, Richard Skidmore realizing projections of space, oceans, and time lapse blossoming flowers onto interior fabric skies, digital artist Jon Baer programming a Liquid Oceans Space of moving waters across the architecture of Pathways pillars and walls.

Oceans Paintings Across the Atrium by Marston Clough & Gabrielle Whitcombe

Featuring Visual and Digital Multi-Arts Oceans Works Across Pathways Living Room Gallery
On Exhibit April 15 through 27th

With Christopher Wright, Peter and Ronni Simon, Anthony Benton Gude, Dick Icovello, Gabrielle Whitcombe, Walker T. Roman, Cody Jephcote, Kathy Poehler, Scott Crawford, Phillip Tucker, , Marianne Goldberg, Fae Kontje-Gibbs, Elizabeth Norcross.