Oceans Shorts April 12th, 2019

As we are made up of mostly water, and so often are drawn to being near, on, or in water— without which we cannot live and thrive— these films are for you.

Whether sailor, surfer, fisher, clammer, kite-boarder, beach-comber, ocean swimmer, we came join together for a night of 2 minute to 15 minute shorts plus a special improvised music accompaniment to a short the above and below images on the display by David Stanwood and Dan Waters during the gathering and conversation portion of the evening. On the screen before the evening begian was “Close Encounters Free-Diving with Spinner Dolphins”, A very relaxing video about Spinner Dolphins in the Red Sea, with close dolphin encounters. Everything here filmed in free-diving. Later the musicians improvised to a section of a longer meditative undersea video.

These ocean shorts are shot and edited by from the P.O.V of u/w camera operators who are at home flying near, over, and/or under the ocean. They literally dive into the plenary, inner space of our planet, into the nurturing aquatic environment— science says anyway, as does their intuition— whence we were generated as marine life, later “stepping out” of the ocean.

This evening is to inspire us to evoke wonder and awe of ocean life, to elicit our protective influences, whether of the plenary system as a whole, or on behalf of one or more of its parts.

At times it can be easy to feel fragmented from the many challenges we face from climate change, to restore ocean habitats; to put an end to the plastic streams and fuel-burnings whose waste and carbon foul our oceans, no matter how hard we try to take proactive measures.

This film, start to finish, covers creating a locally-sourced food event to making it a zero-waste event. That modus operandi is sustainability’s mantra: COMPOST. RECYCLE. RETURN. REUSE  The kids’ GREEN TEAM here is its superstar, as far as their excitement “doing the right thing”.

Sail Martha’s Vineyard is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and perpetuating our Island’s maritime heritage, culture, skills, and the sea that surrounds us. This film showcases Sail MV’s environmental efforts to host the Vineyard Cup, their 3-day sailing regatta, as a locally-sourced, zero waste event. 
I have also attached our logo to use as needed.

FORCE BLUE – This short distills ForceBlue’s move to Florida 2019-2021, and its commitment to rebuilding coral reef ecosystems in the Florida Keys.


BLUE MIND – 2.5 mins In the book Blue Mind, marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols and the movement he has inspired, takes broad and incisive looks at the social, psychological, economic, cognitive and spiritual benefits of being near, on, in and under water. For many, his work and thesis confirms what many intuitively know, while also delving into the mind science of how water literally affects our brain-chemistry, as in— “our brains on water”!

Blue Mind Sizzle Video from Working Pictures on Vimeo.

4 shorts by Andy Brandy Casagrande

(2 min) “Shark Dream” by award-winning cameraman -ABC4EXPLORE-


(1.20 min) GREAT HAMMERHEAD SHARK  Watch as Andy Casagrande discusses how he channeled his fascination with sharks into a career as one of the top underwater cinematographers in the world.

(5.47 min) Blue Carbon — A Story from the Snohomish Estuary
“Blue Carbon” is a story of how coastal wetlands mitigate climate change and reduce carbon pollution to benefit all people. This video, filmed in the Snohomish Estuary in Puget Sound, Washington is presented by EarthCorps and Restore America’s Estuaries.

(7:17 min) SUBMERGED
Kristen Kellogg’s short film on Nantucketer Eric Savetsky. Formerly a fisherman, Eric came to an avocational love of both under water videography and photography.
“A documentary about exploring the unknown, Eric Savetsky takes us on an unforgettable journey offshore plunging into the deep blue. A creature most people fear, he finds intriguing.”

Submerged by Kristen Kellogg from Nantucket Shorts on Vimeo.

(2:5 min) “Whale Sharks: A Close Encounter in Nantucket Waters”
Eric Savetsky, the executive director of the Nantucket Land Bank by day, is an avid underwater photographer, videographer and naturalist who travels the world in search of close encounters with bluewater pelagic megafauna, ie. big ocean critters.  He and his partners in crime also volunteer their time to help various agencies involved in ocean research.
Whale sharks filmed near Oceanographers Canyon 120 miles southeast of Nantucket, MA, USA. Thanks to Wayne Davis, spotter pilot and DW Coffin our drone cameraman.

Whale Sharks Of New England from Eric Savetsky on Vimeo.

From Drew Kinsman
Beneath Vineyard Waters

Beneath Vineyard Waters from Drew Kinsman on Vimeo.

Dive Trip Blenny from Drew Kinsman on Vimeo.

Johnny Friday / Baja Productions
(7:00) Blue Migration-3
In and of itself this aerial film of the world’s largest animal, the blue whale migration— appearing  like a submarine swimming on the ocean’s surface would be fascinating enough. Only when we see a dolphin surfacing swimming beside it, do we get an idea of its enormous size!

Sea Lion Rescue  –
A story about hope on the Sea. A Mexican couple leads an international team of vets saving sea lions from gill nets and long lines in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Dan Waters and David Stanwood improvised soundtracks to images of the deep
Klemens Gann shoots underwater film for a meditative series called The Ambient Collection. I contacted its editor Tony Helsloot who granted screening permission, asking only that viewers please give feedback on their work online.

-This is my take (R. MacLean) on their work:
We do have specific species- and problematic ecosystem-issues in our oceans with overlapping plastics and carbon pollutions, indiscriminate fishing methods, over-fishing and compounding effects of climate change. It could be easy to view these films as escapist distractions.

They’re essentially stress-reducers. They invoke an invitation to appreciate the true wonder the miracles of our marine planet and the ocean which sustains our lives. From there, one can choose your one’s actions for oceans, whether it’s work on permaculture, renewable energy, sustainable fisheries, you name it.

“I, Tony Helsoot started The Ambient Collection in 1991 out of love and passion for filming and for the world around me. Together with Judith Cruz Gamboa, we are traveling around the globe to film the most stunning places for you.

“In our opinion the world is a beautiful place, we just need to slow down a bit more to see all the wonders. Our videos bring relaxation and give everyone the opportunity to discover and explore.”

Migratiing Blue Whales. Mastered at 4k and shot at low altitude. Traveling and aerial shots. At up to 98 feet long, these are the largest inhabitants on our planet

Blue Migration-3 from Johnny Friday on Vimeo.