Ocean Frontiers-

 THURSDAY, APRIL 17th 6 – 9 pm
Event Starts 7pm FREE ADMISSION

A Screening of OCEAN FRONTIERS: A New England Story for Sustaining the Sea
Followed by a Discussion about Oceans Stewardship
along the shores of Martha’s Vineyard.

Co-hosted by Bob MacLean and Marianne Goldberg
With Oceans Poetry by Bob MacLean, and others

OCEANS FRONTIERS, an Award~winning Green Fire Productions Film series, explores plans to safeguard and sustain the ocean waters of New England with diverse community support. The evening, co-hosted by Robert MacLean and Marianne Goldberg, opens with oceans poetry and music by brothers Robert and Peter MacLean.

Oceans Frontiers introduces the first multi-state ocean plan for New England, with
pioneering initiatives based on discussions across interest groups usually not at the same table. Planning now in implementation incorporates realities of climate change, commercial shipping, and industries that rely on ocean resources, while respecting new guidelines that protect sea life, local fishing, tribal heritage, and longtime maritime traditions.

A conversation on stewardship of the oceans follows the screening. Artists, writers, and community are invited to outline locations of oceans areas across island that we would like to protect and see thrive for future generations.  This map of treasured places will serve as an imprint toward the possibility of creating an Oceans Sanctuary for Martha’s Vineyard..


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