Music Night January 18, 2019

Barbara Dacey
Barbara first came to the Vineyard in 1970, split her time between the island and Cambridge MA through the mid 80’s, and moved to the Vineyard full-time in 1985. She worked as a singer-songwriter during this time, recording and playing in clubs and coffeehouses. In addition, she worked as a modern dance accompanist and wrote and performed music for top Boston choreographers.
In 1985, Barbara began a career in radio when she started working at WMVY.   She was the mid-day air talent and program director, and shaped and guided the station for 32 years. She retired in 2018.
Since leaving WMVY, she has been dedicating her time to blues and folk singing and music making, and meditation practice.

Missis Biskis feat. Tauras Biskis
(and maybe another player too)
Missis Biskis, Chilmark’s Music Makin Mama, goes from Hank to Hendrix, Loretta to Lucinda, covering tunes along the Americana Highway.




Seth Cooperrider
A wanna-be musician who has been playing forever but never did anything.
Knows how to play – If only he’d put in some actual practice time.
Not one of the camp-fire-slow-strumming-easy-chord-pickin-chaps. Come listen to songs about death, dying, addiction and psychotic issues. All played by a guy who’s on the edge.


David Hannon
This except from his website, go there! so much interesting info!
We moved to New York City when I was nine. My parents started hanging out regularly at Jimmy Ryan’s, the club where trumpeter, Roy Eldridge held court. It was here that I was introduced to the thrill of live jazz. I absolutely loved the music I heard there and the cool vibe of the musicians. My first real influence as a singer was the vocal trio, Lambert Hendricks & Ross. I really dug Jon Hendricks’ lyrics that he wrote on existing jazz tunes and on the improvised solos of classic recordings. I learned to sing all of those lines, developing a taste for bebop and “vocalese.” I started writing my own lyrics in this style as a teenager (some of which I still sing today!). I’ve written original lyrics to compositions of Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Dizzy Gillespie, Oliver Nelson, Wayne Shorter and other great jazz composers, a practice I still undertake today.





with Charlie Baum on guitar

Nate D’Angelo
A Pathways favorite, Nate will close the evening with his surprisingly rich lyrical poetry and solid guitar and vocals. See his FB page here



Enrico Holley
Could not attend this evening. An exceptional guitar player with hard hitting lyrics.