On February 15th, 2019 an event asking – What are you working on now?

Sam Low speaks of his grandfather, Eben Parker Low, who was a Hawaiian Champion One Armed Roper, and the book he is working on about Hawaiian Cowboys – A compendium of his grandfathers writings and diary’s. Through this book, he hopes to rediscover his Hawaiian ancestry

In 2009 Graham Smith went on a week long road trip and visited over 100 Facebook friends in person. He read each “friends” heart rate and represented it in a new media installation. He’ll share the digital works conceptual depth and how it was represented in galleries.

Richard Limber discusses prescient art and how it relates to the vineyard scene and how these concepts fits into his Poster Project. His Fast History Of Martha’s Vineyard video project includes handing out posters & paper to the audience to come up with quick historical events, ideas & vingnettes for the project.


New Music in Process

For our Annual night showcasing new works in progress, ‘MoLazes’ (slow and sweet) performs.  Paul Lazes & Andy Herr guitars,
Lucy Mayhew on bass and Bob MacLean on percussion

 Milo Silva and Bruce MacNelly improvise together. Bruces playing the Bass, Milo playing a beautiful string instrument.

John O’Toole talks about his writing process, and the current album he is working on. Due to a hand injury, he is unable to play his guitar, so he created a demo track with various other musicians and sings live to the song he wrote, “She Loves Loosely”