Imagined Gardens & Landscapes 2018

Some biographical info about our presenters this year:

Bill O’Callaghan will lead another virtual tour of his and his wife Robin Tuck’s Story Sculpture Walk. For the past six years, the couple have offered a unique storytime adventure at Polly Hill Arboretum. Ms. Tuck guides families through an installation of Mr. O’Callaghan’s whimsical sculptures while incorporating the artwork into an original story.

Mr. O’Callaghan often draws on his Irish heritage in depicting fairies, castles, and other magical themes in his work. Ms. Tuck explains that she created the walking story series in response to her daughter’s visual cortical impairment. “Because of her particular condition, she has to move around a lot so that she can see,” says Ms. Tuck. Frustrated by the fact that many family-oriented activities required audiences to be stationary, which was problematic for her daughter, Ms. Tuck created this unique mobile story hour, which has proved very popular with people of all ages.

Wendi Goldfarb is a passionate earth steward. She manages Middletown Nursery’s production greenhouses, growing thousands of vegetables with organic methods and annual and perennial flowers each year. She has worked with reducing and recycling crop and food waste and is an vermi-composting enthusiast. She believes getting her hands dirty and gardening barefoot is the best way to learn and communicate with the environment.

Rebecca Sanders:
Garden Manager – The Farm Institute at the Trustees of the Reservations
Co-founding Member -The Martha’s Vineyard Seed Library