EM Dengenis and Ben Hughes

The poetry is still up at Felix neck until the end of the month, and I sell my postcards in the gift shop.

EM Dengenis (Elizabeth) 
EM Dengenis is an amateur photographer and aspiring writer. After studying Environmental Science and Peace and Justice she feels most at home outside, exploring the natural world and sharing that magic with others as a naturalist. She has been the education coordinator at Felix Neck for the past 4 years, sells her postcards in the gift shop, and has a cycle of her poetry displayed around Turtle pond which is in place until the end of March. She has found peace through photography and writing throughout her life, and is grateful for the opportunity to share her work with the world. She has been lucky enough to experience the truly miraculous and now she is attempting to transcribe those moments. 

“To pour my heart out onto the page in ink is a purging of my soul that compares to nothing else. The feeling of being able to translate my soul into concrete thought, and spoken language is akin to magic. There are no words. And yet, when I’m lucky, I can find them.”

 Ben Hughes 
Ben Hughes is a musical educator, producer, composer, amateur archeologist and a birder. He is a multi-instrumentalist, beginning with the piano at age 5. He is a year round resident of Martha’s vineyard and is a teacher at the charter school. He performs and produces with bands and musicians and offers lessons. He and his partner Josey made a Christmas covers album. We both live on island year round and love spending time outside exploring.Ben enjoys the natural beauty and tranquility of the island more than the hustle and bustle of the busy island summer.

 Ben Hughes