BarnYard Saints

To our dearest friends at Pathways. Reporting you from the BarnYard Saints Adventure Wagon. What you are about to see tonight is Episode 2 The Trailer Reno. We wanted to show you what went into turning that trailer into an art making space that’s stylish and self sustaining. We are sure you all are itching to see footage from our road travels. We have that in episode 3! But we also thought we should let you know that as we write this today we are pushing through some major technical problems that have been delaying our decent into the wild. The bad news is our truck sucks and we are on a tight “artist in our twenties” budget. The good news is we are safe, and you guys have some entertaining drama to look forward to for the next couple episodes. We adore and miss you all and frequently reminisce about warm cozy nights at pathways. Thank you for you’re constant support and love.
Love Danielle and Walker

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Danielle Mulcahy is a illustrator, filmmaker, and multimedia artist residing in Massachusetts with a BFA in illustration and Film, Video. She has illustrated children’s books, directed, shot, and edited creative films for children’s camps, private companies, and herself. Lately she has been concentrating on mask making, creature building, and performance for her films while painting chickens and other lovely barn yard animals. She also spends time with processing sheep and alpaca fiber for spinning yarn for her shop BarnYard Saints. In her spare time she is outside mountain biking downhill and in a variety of other potential hazardous, adventurous situations.