An Evening of Ocean Film Shorts

An Evening of Ocean Film Shorts
Fly over azure waters and dive into our screenings with these ocean drone-aerials and film shorts!
You’ll see shorts (1-15 minutes) filmed off the Vineyard, Nantucket, the Bahamas, British West Indies, Puerto Rico, Australia— as far away as Tonga, over 5000 kilometers southeast of Hawaii in the South Pacific.
Gather-in for shorts by Vineyarder Drew Kinsman and Nantucketer Eric Savetsky whose films skim waves in overhead shots and plunge underwater to capture marine life marvels, off both islands, and the regional Atlantic, Caribbean, and far-off Tonga of the south Pacific.
Your eyelids will open up wide as saucers if it’s the first time seeing Drew Kinsman’s Horsesurfing!
We’ll see a 7-min short about Jaques de Vos’ expeditions leading orca dives in Norway’s fjords. Watch cameraman Jacques de Dos taking us night-diving in Norway to film the stealthy emergence of orcas— From the Shadows— for free fish dinners slipping from nets of night-time fishing boats.
Listen to WHOI’s shark expert Simon Thurrold: Five Questions: WHOI’s Simon Thorrold on Sharks. Courtesy of WHOI Digital Assets and Copyright by Wood Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Learn about bottom-bound, rope-less fishing systems designed by Ashored Innovations of Canada. Such systems being tested could keep right whales and larger marine life free from entanglement, injury or death. No more rope-a-dope for the down-to-the four hundred count right whales!
Follow FORCE BLUE’s vets and former special forces in their underwater missions rebuilding coral reefs in Puerto Rico and the Florida Keys. Witness their recovery of team purpose in unified dedication to ocean conservation through restoring coral reefs.
Enter the relaxed award-winning world of cameraman/film director Andy Brandy Casagrande IV while he films up close and personal. Superpower orcas, hammerhead sharks and his favorite big fish to film of recent years, white sharks! Casagrande a major spokesman for shark conservation.
Get your BlueMind on with a short featuring Wallace J. Nichols as he explains a marine biologist’s vision—  a prescription for water medicine: how being near, over, on, in and/or underwater helps to switch out the “red mind” (of our frenetic times) in exchange for the cognitive, emotional and spiritual renewal of BlueMind! Both a published book and feature-length film-in-progress.
To close the evening, we will screen three shorts by the team of Jasmine Carey and cameraman expert Darren Jew of Australia.
Partial list of marine life you will see in “An Evening of Ocean Shorts”:
Blenny. Hammerhead, Tiger, and White sharks. Whale-shark, Humpback whale, Orca, Stingray, Tuna, Clownfish, Horseshoe crab, Red Crab, Anemone, Nurse Shark
Photo © Robert Maclean