Blast of Light Music Evening

This eventing features three performances by beloved Island Musicians.
good night event imagesSinger songwriter Alex Karalekas, well know across island and abroad for his distinctive music, is also the organizer behind the successful Chilmark Community Center Potluck Jams, which has become a staple Winter event up-island.

Nancy Jephcote and Paul Thurlow both sing and play the guitar, in addition to fiddle, bass and piano, and have been collaborating for more than a decade, composing original songs and tunes. Both musicians have produced solo albums, and are locally recognized as members of The Flying Elbows fiddle band.

Good Night Louise, a highly sought after band on the Vineyard, is led by Shawn “Bones” Barber, who writes most of the original songs performed in their characteristic Americana Country Blues style. Band members include Stuart Gardner, Josh Campbell, Geordie Gude, and other island staples who join in when the situation presents itself.

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