3.31.23 BeLonging

PathwaysArts presents, with support in part from Mass Cultural Council, BeLonging: Songs, Stories, Musings and Dances with Abby Bender, Jesse Jason and Friends. 

Performers include Abby Bender, Sandy Broyard, Nia Dubon-Robinson, Katie Federowicz Perez, Lucy Grinnan, Sheila McHugh Hazell, Jesse Jason, Roberta Kirn, Laura Sargent Hall, and Emmanuelle (a.k.a. Ubi) Woodford. 

BeLonging: Songs, Stories, Musings and Dances is comprised of five parts: three separate dance performances (Voices, Longing and Be); and two dance-videos, (Syzygy- Full Moon, 2020 and Syzygy – New Moon, 2023) created and performed by Abby Bender, with music by Nina Violet, and editing by Danielle Mulcahy and Abby Bender respectively.

Voices is a structured improv duet created and performed by Jesse Jason and Sandy Broyard, with music by Max Richter and Ian Burdge.

Longing is a series of solos stitched together to form a larger piece, created and performed by all the participating artists. The work was developed by providing the participants with the word “longing” as a prompt. Each artist created their own material in response.
Music by various artists, including an original song by Roberta Kirn, song samples and sound effects. Video editing by Jesse Jason and sound engineering by Abby Bender.

Be is a quartet collaborative created and performed by Abby Bender, Laura Sargent Hall, Jesse Jason and Katie Federowicz Perez. Music by various artists, sound engineering by Abby Bender.