Music Series April 7th, 2017

We welcome back 3 performers who have played Pathways in the past and are returning for the first time in 2017

Godfrey Muwulya
Godfrey will share songs and dances from East Africa
Godfrey is in residence at The Yard as a part of the educational program, Making It. Teaching in schools and libraries from April 3rd-14th. Visit for more information. CLick Image to see the MVTimes article<><><><><> ELIJAH BERLOW,
brings us fingerpicking piedmont style mixed with anxious folk and new wave blues, originally from the Island, now living in Chicago.


has been playing music for about 15 years and received his degree in music education. He enjoys writing music and playing in and out of many bands. He and his brother are working on an album that will be completed by June 1st. He has been on the vineyard for 5 years and enjoys the island life.

1/15/16 Harrison Kisiel plays Pathways Music Series from Pathways Gathering Space on Vimeo.