Descendant – Official Trailer 2:27
Descendant tells the story of the Clotilda – the last known ship to smuggle stolen Africans to America – the unthinkable cover-up, and the impact of that crime on generations of descendants living in Africatown. Once the past is revealed, can the future be reclaimed?

LAST AMERICAN SLAVE SHIP The Illegal Arrival of America’s Last Slave Ship 10:42
The Clotilda, the final ship to bring slaves to the United States, has been hidden in the swamps of Mobile, Alabama for generations. The search for it is a stark reminder of the past and offers proof of family histories that resonates with the families that still call this small town home.

SLAVE WRECKS PROJECT Young Divers Search For Slave Shipwrecks And Discover Their Ancestry 18:21
Meet a group of vibrant scuba divers determined to find, document and positively identify slave shipwrecks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2l_EugvRw8   

1.5 Stay Alive:
Science meets Music in the Caribbean 53:14
1.5 Stay Alive is part Caribbean music video and part science, expressing how a temperature rise of just 1.5 degrees could lead to irreversible damage to ecosystems. The film visits Belize, Costa Rica, Trinidad + Tobago, Haiti, Honduras, Miami and Louisiana. These regions are examples of how rising climate temperatures affect hurricanes, tropical storms and rising seas in their area. Popular musicians express their experiences with hurricanes, tropical storms and rising seas by composing and performing songs about climate change, and their visions of how to confront it. Intertwined throughout the film are insights by scientists and local climate experts. ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH1SwOLFH_w